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Located at Shed D4 at The Boat Works Marina, Gold Coast.

Boat Anti Fouling Gold Coast

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Wonder who offers the best boat antifouling on the Gold Coast?

Affordable Antifoul Solutions provides clients with expert services, completed on time and for the right price. We take our name seriously and always strive to offer cost-effective services and excellent results. Our team offers mobile boat antifouling across the Gold Coast. By coming to you, we can keep our expenditures low and focus on caring for your vessel.

Have you recently acquired a new boat? If you want your investment to be protected and ensure optimal performance, boat antifouling is a must. This specialised coating contains biocides, such as copper, and is applied to the hull of your boat. The coating works by slowing down the growth of organisms that get attached to your vessel.

At Affordable Antifoul Solutions we only use superior products, by leading national and international brands, such as Sigmacoat and Jotun. There are many different types of antifoul products available and we know, which type works best on your boat. In many cases we recommend the popular ablative antifoul, as it provides outstanding performance in fighting off sea scum. With our services your vessel won’t just be protected against barnacles, algae and other marine organism, but also against corrosion, ensuring high performance.

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