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Located at Shed D4 at The Boat Works Marina, Gold Coast.

Antifouling on the Gold Coast Marinas

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Owning your own boat, and getting out onto the water whenever you wish, is the kind of lifestyle many can only dream of. If you love bobbing around the sunny waters every weekend, you know just how relaxing the boating life can be.

But part of the lifestyle means experiencing upkeep issues. In order to maintain your boat, you have to pay a lot of attention to each individual part to ensure its seamless function.

To best preserve the life of your boat on the Gold Coast Marinas, we offer a comprehensive antifouling, propspeed, detailing and sandblasting service – we take all the maintenance work off your hands, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather sooner.

Why choose our antifouling on the Gold Coast?

Permanent submersion in the ocean can lead to a whole host of ocean creatures finding a home on your boat’s hull, rudder and propellers. Clinging on with vacuum-like strength, these mussels, barnacles and oysters propagate rapidly. Soon they cover your entire hull, slowing down your boat’s swift movement through the water, and creating a drag.

When your boat can’t move as well as it can, your fuel costs increase – these underwater animals restrict the boat’s efficiency and expand fuel consumption. This means it’s essential to rectify the problem, almost before it’s begun.

Our leading antifouling paints release a strong deterrent to clingy sea animals, warding them away from the boat’s hull before they’ve had a chance to cling on. We paint our advanced antifouling formula onto the entire undersurface of the boat, concentrating on the areas that need it most – the rudder, propellers and other moving parts. Using material data sheets of each of our priming, filling and antifouling products means we guarantee a quality service.

With our antifouling, your boat will be moving swiftly through the water and Marinas again, with none of the old sea creatures to weigh down its progress.

Our prompt and dedicated service in the Marinas

With over 20 years of marine experience – from commercial fishing to operating charter boats – our owner/operator, Joel Griffin, is dedicated to a thorough cleaning of your boat’s under surface. He and his team are known for their attention to detail, and will work with you quickly and efficiently to get you back on the water – without the sea creatures.

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