Antifouling and Propspeed in the Brisbane Marinas


Being able to travel the water whenever you please is incredibly relaxing – every weekend you can take your own boat out onto the Brisbane Marinas, to really make the most of the city’s incredible weather. Whether you’re enjoying your time with family and friends, or making a living on your prized vessel, you want to ensure your boat is kept in optimum condition, for as long as possible.

Taking care of your boat, though, requires a lot of maintenance – it’s a time-heavy and labour-intensive process. That’s why, in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, we take care of your boat care with antifouling. Designed to prolong the life of your boat, and save you money for over a decade, our advanced service is combined with propspeeding, sandblasting and boat detailing to ensure the best boat possible.

Quality service in the Marinas

Your boat’s hull is a magnet for so many underwater creatures, from mussels and oysters to clingy barnacles. It may seem the natural way of things but, over time, these animals can propagate and multiply, clinging onto the side of your vessel with iron-clad strength. A few of these creatures may not seem like a problem – but when they have created a colony, they can add exponential weight to your boat, slowing down its gliding progress in the water, and decreasing your fuel efficiency.

That’s where antifouling comes in. Our specialised mix of primer, filler and antifouling solution creates a deterrent shield on the surface of your vessel, sending the sea animals away before they’ve even had a chance to grip on. When applying the antifouling solutions, we use advanced material data tables to design a solution for your boat.

With our trademark attention-to-detail and care, we focus on the all-important moving parts – the propellers and rudders – and give you a happiness guarantee to ensure you’re satisfied with our techniques.

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Get started and create an effective barrier for your boat, thereby prolonging its life for over a decade. With our service, based on 20 years of marine experience, you’ll enjoy many more years on the water. Call owner/operator Joel Griffin and his team for a quote, on 0481 279 066.