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Located at Shed D4 at The Boat Works Marina, Gold Coast.

Antifoul Service

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Now based at Shed D4 at The Boat Works Marina, Gold Coast we still offer our fully mobile antifoul service to all marinas on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We specialise in sail cats, sports cruisers, fly bridge cruisers, racing yachts and superyachts.

We use the world’s leading manufacturers of antifoul including International, Sigmacoat and Jotun. We work to the material data sheets and recommendations of every product we use – from primers to fillers and antifoul – to ensure all products are used correctly. We specialise in new and sandblasted antifouls.

We offer dedicated antifouling services

With many underwater creatures looking to set up a home on your boat’s hull, propellers and rudder, you need a way to stop them. Too many animals – like barnacles, oysters and mussels – clinging on to your hull with their strong glue means your boat’s sailing progress will be slowed down, as the animals’ populations grow and expand. Your boat’s movement won’t be as swift, and its body will be made heavier, leading to a drag in movement and dramatic decrease in fuel efficiency.

To ward off the marine animals before they have had a chance to make their grip, our intelligent solutions create a toxic barrier on the boat, which deters sea creatures from coming near and gripping on. Using advanced application techniques, we apply our primer-filler-antifoul paint combination with a quality guarantee. We coat the boat’s undersurface, focusing on the most important areas (being the rudder and propellers).

Our specialised service has your boat in the water again, free from the sea creatures that weigh it down. Throughout the Marinas and waters of Gold Coast and Brisbane, we offer dedicated antifouling.

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